Case Study: TK Textile Printing

Posted by Kelly Chen in Branding & Identity, Interactive

Logo Design

TK Textile Printing is an offshoot of TK Graphics. We were approached to design a logo that would be an update on TK Graphics’ existing company logo, and which could eventually be applied to future subsidiary companies.

TK Graphics and TK Textile Printing logos
The client did not want a huge departure from their existing logo, but did want something more modern. We kept their colours, but scrapped the gradient effect for overlayed coloured circles to reference dot grain printing. The blue line in the T’s swoosh was dropped to make it more readable, and updated typography plus rounded corners modernize the logo.


Website Development

We were also asked to develop a website highlighting TK Textile Printing’s key services and unique selling points. As part of the website, we helped art direct a printing process video to showcase their new state-of-the-art textile printer.


TK Textile Printing website homepage

The homepage features an ambient video with a quick preview of their printer in action.

TK Textile Printing website

Pulling colours from the logo, we created and customized many design elements to be used throughout the website.

TK Textile Printing infographic

We also designed an infographic that shows the efficient process of working with TK Textile Printing.

Visit TK Textile Printing’s website today and contact them for all your textile printing needs!