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Case Study: The Modern Plant Company Branding

Posted by Chestnut St. Pixel Foundry in Branding & Identity, Interactive

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know we love working with local small businesses. We were approached last year by The Modern Plant Company to design and set up a Shopify website for their growing business.

During our initial discussions, we decided that a branding package would be beneficial as well. For a previous pop-up event, the client had some business cards that were quickly done up by a colleague, but they did not entirely fit with the image she had in mind for the company.

Previous Branding

The Modern Plant Company's old business cards.
The Modern Plant Company’s old business cards.

Brand Exploration

We did some brand exploration based on what types of interiors and home designs the client was most drawn to (clean, minimalist, modern, Scandinavian interiors). This included a mood board, preliminary colour palettes, and font choices.

Brand exploration: mood board, colour palette options, font options

Initial Logo Concepts

Initial sketches explored using succulent leaves as decorative elements, a snake plant silhouette, and redrawing the monstera leaf from the original business card.

Logo sketches on the left and logo concept 3 on the right.
Rough pencil sketches and logo concept 3 using the monstera leaf.

Final Branding

The client liked the monstera leaf concept the most. We adjusted the colour palette to be a little brighter, and applied the final branding to business cards, plant tags, and gift bags.

The Modern Plant Company logo and business cards.
A plant tag showing The Modern Plant Company logo sits in a decorative succulents pot, on the left. On the right is a mockup of The Modern Plant Company logo on a shopping bag.


For the website, we were able to find a simple Shopify template that was easily customizable to match the colours and fonts of The Modern Plant Company’s new branding. We also created icons for the plant care section under each product’s description.

The Modern Plant Company website's homepage.
The Modern Plant Company website: an interior page showing one of the available plants.

To see the final website (or to shop some beautiful plants for your home), visit: themodernplantcompany.ca

To see more custom icons we created for The Modern Plant Company’s branding, check out their Instagram: instagram.com/themodernplantcompany