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5 Signs You Need a Website Redesign

Posted by Megan Seely in Interactive

Website Under Construction

Is your business or organization’s website starting to feel dated? Is it time for a change?

Here are some signs that you should consider a redesign:


1. Your website is difficult to use on a mobile device.

If you don’t have a mobile version of your site, or responsive design, you’ll lose any visitors who try to visit on their phone or tablet.
Tip: If you’re considering a website redesign, you’ll want to make responsive design a priority.


2. Your website is difficult to update.

You want to keep your online presence updated with fresh content. If your website is a bit older, it might not have a content management system… meaning, you need to hire a coder to make even small text changes to keep things up to date.
Tip: Ask for a CMS, like WordPress, as part of your conversation with web design studios.


3. Your website is cluttered and hard to navigate.

The longer your website’s been around, the more likely its content has expanded far beyond the original scope. You may have dozens of pages and sub navigation menus all over the place, with no clear hierarchy.
Tip: A professional web designer or capable studio can offer usability suggestions and develop a streamlined sitemap for you as part of the redesign.


4. Your website no longer accurately reflects your business, products, or services.

Over time, you may find you have one landmark product or service that you’ve become focused on. If your existing site predates the launch of your biggest offering, visitors are probably going to be confused!
Tip: You may want to work with a copywriter to redevelop the content for your new website, to ensure it reflects your current business strategy.


5. Lastly, your website may simply look dated.

A visual redesign (or reskinning) can help breathe new life into your online presence, especially if your existing site was created on a tight budget or used a template.
Tip: When talking to web designers, ask to see examples of similar projects they’ve completed. You can get a feel for their level of expertise and experience, and gauge if their design sensibility fits with your business’ brand.


If you know your business or organization needs a new website, but you’re not entirely sure what you need, get in touch with us! We offer free estimates and we accept RFPs.