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5 Productivity Tips

Posted by Kelly Chen in Business

Ever have those days where you feel unmotivated and unproductive? You know your work is going to pile up if you drag your feet, but you still find yourself procrastinating. Here are five simple productivity tips to help you get through your work day.

  1. Write a to-do list
  2. Prioritize items on your to-do list and get the biggest, toughest tasks done first. Too many items on your to-do list could make you feel overwhelmed and stuck though, so keep your list reasonable – no more than 10 says most experts.

  3. Eliminate distractions
  4. Turn off unnecessary notifications and don’t feel obligated to check your email or phone constantly. It’s best to limit email correspondence to first and last things in the day.

  5. Take breaks
  6. Get up from your desk every 90 minutes or so. Stretch, grab a coffee, or get some fresh air.

  7. Hit reset
  8. If you’re finding yourself in a productivity rut by mid-day, all is not lost: just start over.

  9. Don’t stress
  10. If there are still tasks left undone by the end of the day, don’t sweat it – just move them onto the next day. However, if you’re moving the same task over and over, maybe it can be eliminated altogether. Try delegating!


Of course, oftentimes your productivity levels are affected by your physical health too, so don’t forget to get enough z’s and exercise!