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Life After Design School: Adriana Koc-Spadaro

Posted by Kelly Chen in Life After Design School

What happens if we don’t land that nine-to-five at the award-winning agency as soon as we graduate design school? This interview series aims to introduce talented and inspiring people, but also show how saying ‘yes’ to things outside of our comfort zones or planned trajectories helps us nurture our creativity.

Adriana Koc-Spadaro is a Capilano IDEA graduate. She is currently an art director and self-described community initiator – passionate about connecting creativity and intuition.

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Common Misconceptions About Printing

Posted by Kelly Chen in Marketing

There are few things as frustrating as investing in printed marketing materials for your business or organization and having them misprinted or be of poor quality.

A lot of printing woes can be avoided by consulting with your designer and printer, and trusting their expertise. As a small studio working in both print and web design, we witness a lot of misconceptions about printing and wanted to share them:

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