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Celebrating Christmas at the Foundry

Posted by Kelly Chen in Around the Foundry

This week we embraced the holiday season at the Foundry!

Our Christmas tree went up and we did our annual office holiday outing – this year at two local businesses – Bauhaus Restaurant and the very recently opened Catfé! Both Bauhaus and Catfé are only a few minutes’ walk away from our office and it was a beautiful sunny (albeit chilly!) day to get out of the office for a couple hours.

Bauhaus     Catfé

Lunch at Bauhaus was lovely and although the kitties were all napping when we arrived at Catfé, we were able to pet a couple of them before we left. (I’d like to also note that I loved the decor of both businesses!)

This holiday season, consider supporting local businesses and good causes! Bauhaus is part of the Mealshare family: order their schnitzel dish and you’ll be donating a meal to a child in need. All the fuzzy friends at Catfé are from the BC SPCA and awaiting adoption!