Are you ready for a website redesign?

Posted by Megan Seely in Interactive

Earlier, we talked about some signs your business or organization might need a new website. If you know you need a new website or a website redesign, what else do you need to get started?

Here’s a checklist to help you figure out what you need:

  • Does the new website need to be responsive?
    In nearly all cases, the answer is yes.
  • Will you need to update the website content yourself?
    If so, you will want a website built using a content management system (CMS).
  • Do you want to sell things online using the new website?
    e-Commerce is an investment, and before you put a big shiny “buy now” button anywhere, you need to ensure you understand tax laws and have shipping/fulfillment logistics in place.
  • Do you want to integrate social media into the new website?
    Adding a feed of your social news will keep your site fresh. As long as you’re committed to updating your social media, that is.
  • Do you want a blog or news section on the new website?
    Including latest news or running a site blog keeps your site fresh and is good for search engine visibility.
  • Do you want an email newsletter subscription for the new website?
  • Are there any redundant or out of date pages on the old website that can be combined or removed entirely?
  • Are there new services, products, or features for which you’ll want to add pages on the new website?
    Redevelop a sitemap to restructure your navigation to focus on what’s important.
  • Will you be moving web hosting companies?
    Maybe your current web host doesn’t support a CMS. If you decide to move, who will handle the domain and email transition?
  • Do you have a graphic standards manual for your brand?
  • Have you looked at your competitors’ web presence?
    What features do their websites offer?
  • Do you need new copy written for your site?
  • Will you be supplying images for the new site?
    Will you be hiring a photographer?

Having the answers to these questions will help you talk to a web design studio (or draw up an RFP), and ensure you can get an accurate proposal.