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How We Found The Right Project Management Application

Posted by Kelly Chen in Business

Whether you’re a freelancer or a large company, you need some sort of project management and time tracking system in order to stay organized and ultimately, get paid.

Being a small studio, we have gone through a few project management applications (as well as pen-to-paper time sheets) over the years before we finally settled on Paymo.

Here is some criteria we looked for when selecting a project management application:

paymo project management

  • Browser-based
  • Intuitive interface and clean layout
  • Create dockets without a limit on number of projects
  • Create own task lists as well as individual tasks
  • Support multiple team members
  • Delegate tasks to other or multiple team members
  • Track time for individual tasks, not just per project
  • Modify time recorded or add logged time in later
  • Generate invoices
  • Email invoices directly to the client
  • Send reminders via the application
  • Record payments should the client pay offline
  • Reasonably priced


While Paymo fits most of the above criteria, the biggest thing we’d like to see improvements on is their invoicing system. Other applications like Harvest and Freshbooks have more robust invoicing systems that we liked, but their shortcomings are a lack of customizable task lists and/or a confusing user interface.

There is no shortage of project management applications out there and certainly no one-size fits all. A larger company would likely look for a team messaging system and ability to track expenses as well as income that can easily be exported as spreadsheets. It is certainly worth the time to try out a few applications to find one that fit your needs.