What is responsive design, and do I need it?

Posted by Megan Seely in Interactive

Animation showing responsive web design by the Pixel FoundryResponsive web design refers to the practice of building websites with flexible layouts to adapt to different screen sizes. This ensures your website’s content looks great on a mobile phone, a tablet, a small laptop, or a desktop computer (and the same content is shown to all). This website,, is responsive – try resizing your browser window to a much smaller size, and see how the layout adapts.

It is important to ensure your business or organization has a web presence that’s mobile-friendly. Not only do you need to consider people browsing on their smart phones, Google and other search engines now favour websites that are compatible with mobile devices. Responsive design is one strategy to ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

Instead of using responsive design, you can also ensure your site is mobile-friendly by creating a second mobile version (a script redirects users based on their device/computer). This strategy is less used now in favour of responsive design.

Responsive design isn’t something that can be easily plugged into an existing corporate website. You’ll want to work with a professional to wireframe the various screen layouts, and determine how content will flow on different devices. We recommend a complete redesign if you need to make your website responsive.

If your business’ website is feeling dated, and it’s time for a redesign, make sure you make it responsive! Or, get in touch with us at the Pixel Foundry. We can help you determine what you need to stay relevant and maintain an up to date web presence.