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Why use WordPress for your corporate website redesign?

Posted by Megan Seely in Interactive

holding wordpress swagWordPress has grown from the simple blogging software developed in the mid-2000s to become the content management system of choice for the web. It’s now estimated that WordPress powers over 60 million websites, or nearly 20% of the entire internet.*

WordPress is popular for many reasons. If you’re considering a website rebuild for your business or organization, we would recommend looking at using WordPress (self-hosted) as your content management system. Here are some reasons we think it’s great for corporate websites:

• Flexibility

WordPress’s templating engine will let it look like anything you desire (or, if you don’t have budget for custom development, you can just buy an appropriate theme). With the plethora of add-on plugins available, you can greatly change the way WordPress functions, too. If you need to build a directory, a client portal, a social site, an aggregate feed from various sources, or a shopping cart, there’s something out there to make that happen on WordPress.

• Widespread Familiarity

There are lots of WordPress experts out there to help you out if you experience problems with your website.

• Self-hosted & self-contained

By using the self-hosted version of WordPress, you have control over your website’s hosting environment and servers. Many content management systems lock you into monthly fees and force you to use their hosting service… making it impossible to move your website content and data elsewhere.

• Ease of use

The WordPress Dashboard and page/post editor are very easy to use, even for non-technical people. We’ve also worked in Joomla and Drupal (two other popular content management systems); the WordPress Dashboard wins hands-down for ease of use.

• Cost

WordPress (self-hosted package) is free. Your budget can therefore be allocated to custom development/design, website hosting, any premium plugins/themes, and other goodies.

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What’s the difference between and (self-hosted)? offers a hosted environment for your blog – your site lives on their web servers. offers a downloaded, open-source software package for you to install on your own web host. We work with self-hosted packages at the Pixel Foundry.

In the past ten years, we have worked on hundreds of self-hosted WordPress websites, from the simplest of custom blogs to complex e-Commerce websites. We love WordPress, and think you will too! If you’re considering moving to a WordPress installation, get in touch – we can help.