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My Practicum Experience at the Pixel Foundry

Posted by Katie Clarke in Around the Foundry

I arrived at the Foundry a timid and very hesitant fresh graduate in media design and web development.  I sat in the office sweaty palmed as Megan gave me my first set of seemingly impossible tasks. I was indeed thrown in at the deep end but it turns out, that is exactly what I needed.

I’ve only been here three weeks but the amount of knowledge I feel I’ve gained is staggering.  I came into this practicum half expecting to be well acquainted with the coffee machine, but I couldn’t have picked a better practicum host.  Megan bravely trusted me to work with Pixel Foundry’s wonderful clients to ensure I got to truly experience working in the industry.

You can spend thousands of hours in a classroom (and I did) but when you are given the opportunity to really apply that knowledge, that’s what moves you forward.

I can’t thank Megan and Kelly enough for sharing their knowledge, putting up with all my questions, and being super rad.